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Rogers Center Filmed from Fort Niagara 30 Miles Away Across Lake Ontario (6ft Observer Height)

Detailed Breakdown of Rogers Center Footage and Most Common Rebuttals Regarding Refraction and Atmospheric Effects

26.45 Mile Curvature Test by bmlsb69 and Explanation of Compression and Atmospheric Effects (Taboo Conspiracy upload)

“The Black Swan” – Worthington Beach UK Observations and Breakdown of Implications (Dr. John D. upload)

“The Black Swan” blmsb69 Oil Platform Observations (3 min Taboo Conspiracy upload)

Canada Black Swan from Heath Carmody (Taboo Conspiracy upload)

Worthington Beach to Selsey and the Isle of Wight Observation (Taboo Conspiracy upload)

Utah Lake Curvature Test – 13.7 miles, 9 inch Observer Height

Wanapum Lake Curvature Tests – 12.2 miles, 9 inch Observer Height

16.15 Mile Curvature Test, 4 ft Observer Height (Taboo Conspiracy upload)

8 mile Curvature Test, 28 inch Observer Height

Sea of Galilee Mirror Flash Curvature Test 11.5 miles, 5 ft Observer Height (by Taboo Conspiracy)

Sea of Galilee Laser Curvature Test Flat Earth Proof (by Taboo Conspiracy)

Utah-Idaho 19 Mile laser curvature test (Taboo Conspiracy Upload)

Frozen Lake Curvature Test (Taboo Conspiracy upload)

Great Salt Lake Laser Test – 21 Miles and No Curvature (Taboo Conspiracy upload)

16.4 Laser Curvature Test, 4ft Observer Height (by Taboo Conspiracy)

Flat Earth Laser Tests compilation by Taboo Conspiracy

Canada Laser Test (Taboo Conspiracy upload)

A Mountain of Evidence – Curvature Tests by Jon McIntyre

We Can See Too Far (DITRH Playlist Including 60 Videos of Curvature Tests That Falsify Earth’s Alleged Radius)

37 Proofs of the Flat Earth – Re-Uploaded (old terminated Taboo Conspiracy channel)

O Curvature, Where Art Thou? (Taboo Conspiracy re-upload)

Mt. Everest Filmed from Airplane 985 Km Away

Massive Collection of Flat Earth Observations from wiki.247

Relatively Speaking – Episode 5 (by Witsit Gets it)

Space Audits #11: How Math Became Reality Presentation (Updated)

Relatively Speaking – Episode 4 (by Witsit Gets it)

Relatively Speaking – Episode 2 (by Witsit Gets it)

Relatively Speaking – Episode 1 (by Witsit Gets it)

How “GPS Satellites” & Atomic Clocks Violate Special Relativity (Space Audits upload)

Can Stars BEND LIGHT? General Relativity and Gravity with Dr. Edward Dowdye

The Day Einstein Was Imposed on the World (with Alan – Space Audits)

Aether Round Table #6: E=mc^2 and More Ether Wind Experiments hosted by @aethercosmology (by Space Audits)

History of Einstein’s Plagiarism (by Space Audits)

How Math Became Reality – Presented on @EarthAwakenings (by Space Audits)

Space Audits #13 GPS and the Geodesic Coordinate System

On the Ether Wind, GPS, and Interferometry: A Live Presentation on @GLOBEBUSTERS1 S09E10 – 7/16/23 (by Space Audits)

History of Laser Interferometry: Dayton Miller [ADL Live Presentation] (by Space Audits)

Space Audits Live #05: Examining the Historical and Experimental Evidence for Relativity Theory (by Space Audits)

Ep. 82 #FEF – A Review of Relativistic Effects (Space Audits upload)

Newtonian & Einsteinian Orbits Debunked by Interferometry (Space Audits upload)

#FEF Ep.80 @WitsitGetsIt and @toby.walker on the SoL and Earth’s (Alleged) Motion (Space Audits upload)

True Earth Mount Meru 2 DAY 1: The Lost History of Ether Physics – Space Audits

Aether Round Table #13: GPS and Does c +- v = c? (Space Audits upload)

Special Relativity Falsified by GPS Technology @aethercosmology (Space Audits upload)

The Moon Landings Hoax by Taboo Conspiracy – Old Romania Presentation

NASA Fails Again & Again | Space is Fake | Glitch on the ISS (by ODD TV)

The Science of Counter-Intelligence (by Speaking The Truth in all the Realm)

GLOBEBUSTERS LIVE | Episode 10.8 – Why Flat Earthers Exist – 2/25/24 (timestamped at 45:00)

NASA Fraud (by Witsit Gets It)

Disney Presents: NASA on Thin Ice | Buzz Aldrin and the Masonic Moon (by ODD TV)


Robert Simmon “Mr. Blue Marble”

Astronauts Are Liars

Why NASA can’t go back to the moon

David Weiss shows astronauts on wires and in front of greenscreens compilation (timestamped video) I

David Weiss shows astronauts on wires and in front of greenscreens compilation (timestamped video) II

100% Proof Space Travel is Fake & Mars Missions are Too (by ODD TV)


Asking Astronauts to Swear on the Bible they went to the Moon Gone Wild Intro

Moon Landing Exposed Playlist (by DITRH)

Owen Benjamin Shreds the Moon Landing

Owen Benjamin explains Moon landing

The jeranism Show #87 – The Moon Landing Hoax for Dummies! Part 1 of 2 | 2-3-24

The jeranism Show #88 – The Moon Landing Hoax for Dummies! Part 2 of 2 | 2-9-24

The Truman Show | Based on a True Story | Under the Dome (by ODD TV)

Why The Lie? – Flat Earth Digging Deeper (by ODD TV)

Astronauts literally quoted saying that the lunar lander was held together by scotch tape and staples:

The link below will take you to a repository of resources, explanations, experiments, articles, observations and educational material on a wide range of flat earth related topics which have been collected, compiled and organized by Shane St. Pierre. This database contains incredibly detailed and comprehensive explanations covering a multitude of topics ranging from Aether Dynamics to GPS, to Ruling Class Bloodlines and everything in between:

Shane St. Pierre’s Obsidian Database Link


GLOBEBUSTERS LIVE | Episode 10.7 – The FE Library of Alexandria w/ No Longer on the Ball – 2/18/24


DEBATE: Flat Earth Vs Globe | Austin Witsit Vs Malachi

DEBATE: Flat Vs Globe | Alan & Toby Vs PhD Tony & Darryl | Podcast

Discussing Dayton Miller and Yuri Galaev on @mattersnow (Aether Cosmology upload)

DEBATISM Ep 12: Prof. Rob Parks PhD vs Austin Whitsitt – Earth: Globe or Stationary Plane | 12/7/23

DEBATE Mercedes & Witsit Vs Mark Drysdale & Delcos | Podcast

#FEF Ep.79 Gaussian Surfaces Part I. @WitsitGetsIt vs PhD CERN Physicist (Space Audits upload)

Clips: @WitsitGetsIt and @blitzphd Talk Cosmology (RunBostonBear Upload)

DEBATE: Austin Witsit Gets It Vs Globey McGlobeFace

DEBATE: Flat Earth Vs Globe | Witsit Gets It Vs William Harris

Witsit Gets It & Karen B Vs Ozien & Jen | Flat Earth Debate

DEBATE: Flat Earth Or Globe? | Witsit Gets It Vs Phd Tony Seismologist

Flat Earth DEBATE | Austin Witsit Gets It Vs Mark Reid

Globebusters Sunday Debate | Austin – Kaleb – Derik vs. GlobeyMcGlobeFace – Globeman – BlitzPHD

DEBATISM Ep 14: Craig FTFE vs. Jeran from JERANISM -Earth Shape: What we are taught or not? 12/27/23

DEBATISM Ep 10 – Craig (FTFE) vs. Kaleb (KCDINDUSTRY) Earth: Oblate Sphere or Level Stationary Plane

FLAT EARTH DEBATE: Mark & David Vs Nathan & Witsit Gets It

jeranism & Witsit Vs Planarwalk & Dave | Flat Earth Debate

FE DEBATE: Austin @WitsitGetsIt & @flatearthtests9708 Vs @MrSensibleHistoric & @culturecatz

A Flat Earth “Debate” FTFE VS Witsit Gets It

Bryant Meyers B.S. M.A. Physics Schools Jeran, Dave, Sean and Austin About Living on a Globe

Bryant Meyers B.S. M.A Physics vs. Witsit – Earth Debate

Flat Earth Debate | Witsit Getsit & Karen B Vs Taylor & Amy

Flat Earth Dave @FlatEarthDavidWeiss with Guests A.P and Austin Witsit @WitsitGetsIt

Witsit and Blitz Discussion

Witsit v Dr. H v Bob the Science Guy

Is The Solar System Fake? TJump Vs Witsit Gets It | DEBATE PODCAST

Witsit & Iron Horse Vs Leo & Amy

Witsit & Ky Vs Mark & Jen | Flat Earth DEBATE

DEBATE: Flat Earth on Trial | Witsit & Ky Vs Carissa & MCToon

FE Debate: Witsit vs. VeganGains

Flat Earth Debate | Austin Witsit Getsit vs Leophilius

Witsit vs. McToon Debate

Austin Witsit Gets It Vs MaineSurveyor

Flat Earth Debate | WitsIt Gets It Vs TJump

FE Debate Witsit vs. Kosho

Flat Earth DEBATE Witsit Gets It Vs Gek

FE Debate – Weaver Bot vs. Wizard Slayer (Witsit)

jeranism Saturday Supershow! Pastor Dean Odle vs. Pastor Greg Locke Debate Watch Party! LIVE 12-2-23

The Great Creation Debate – Pastor Dean Odle vs. Pastor Greg Locke

“Bring Your Own Glober” #FEF Ep. 76 Hosted by @100KryptoKeyz and @LevelHeadzHQ (Space Audits upload)

#FlatEarthFridays Ep. 77 #FEF hosted by #LevelHeadzHQ (Space Audits upload)

Schooling Globers – Episode 5 – Plane Flights (by Witsit Gets It)

Larger Southern Distances, Planes Flying 800+ MPH & Jetstreams (Globebusters discussing southern flights and distances) (timestamped at 1:09:57)

Flights on Flat Earth (by Witsit Gets It)

How do Flights Like Sydney-Santiago Work on Flat Earth? (by Eric Dubay)

FLATTEN the CURVE The Documentary

How Pilots Account for Globularity: A Speedrun to Every Dead End Argument @EarthAwakenings

Southern flight routes offer far stronger evidence against the globe than for it.
>southern flight times going West to East are 3 hours difference from flight times going East to West, yet the recorded speed of the planes is exactly the same; meaning the jet streams are 100% confirmed to be a major factor transit times
>Passenger airPlanes have the capability to go 800mph+ This is an objective fact. Not even debatable.
>jet streams add 250+mph in the south
> Almost all Southern Hemisphere departure to Southern Hemisphere arrival flights cross the equator into the north and then back south again before reaching their destinations on the globe map. No northern hemisphere departure to northern hemisphere arrival flights cross the equator into the south and back.
>north/south Meridian flights debunk the globe. They would be impossible. The rotational speed of the earth is said to be only about 250mph in Alaska, but it is 1040 mph at the equator. Just think about it for 2 seconds. Really think about what would happen to the ground beneath the plane as it moved south along a meridian route from a northern location past the equator to a southern location flying the meridian route.
>protip: It’s a violation of the law of conservation of momentum for a plane flying a north/south meridian route to magically gain sideways momentum to increase its speed to keep up with the increased speed of the ground beneath it as it moves south towards the equator.

Schooling Globers – Episode 29 (GPS)

Special Relativity Falsified by GPS Technology @aethercosmology (Space Audits upload)

How #gps ACTUALLY Works (Space Audits upload)

GPS Precision Defies Relativity Simultaneity (Space Audits upload)

GPS Falsifies Relativity – Principle of Relative Simultaneity Not Accounted For (Space Audits upload)

How “GPS Satellites” & Atomic Clocks Violate Special Relativity (Space Audits upload)

On Relativity Theory vs Classical – What Does GPS Tell Us About Their Correctness? (by Space Audits)

Space Audits #13 GPS and the Geodesic Coordinate System

Part I. Interferometry History, GPS, and Ether Wind – Live on @EarthAwakenings

jeranism Bedtime Stories #1 | HIS PRONOUNCEMENT by R.G.S. Collamore | Globe Earth Refuted Roundly

GPS takes flat maps and wraps them around a globe model. It’s easy to do and you’re a fool to believe you’re living on a spinning ball just because a computer wrapped a map around a ball and showed it you. I could design a computer program that wraps your little neighborhood around a ball and gives you GPS directions around it and it would work fine. GPS doesn’t prove anything other than how easily most people are fooled.

special relativity didn’t work with GPS. look up Ron Hatch who had to cook in a patch equation which is the reason why GPS is closed source. He’s the guy who had to come in and fix GPS to work with Einstein’s broke-backwards special relativity. people claiming GPS proves relativity have it exactly opposite as it actually disproves relativity.

Some of Ron Hatch’s lectures can be found on youtube; for example:
Ron Hatch: Relativity in the Light of GPS | EU2013

Also, here’s a few of his papers falsifying relativity:

Epic rant by Witsit breaking down the numerous issues with “Gravity” as it’s currently defined (timestamped at 2:59:02):

Yes, objects fall at an agreed upon average of 9.8 m/s/s the effect is not in contention, the cause is:

How Incoherent Electrostatic Acceleration Creates The Downward Vector (DITRH Version)(original by Gudtims4all):

The cause of the downward accelerative force is electrostatics which is provable; density and buoyancy sort the rest out. Gravity is not needed, is stupid, and doesn’t even hold up conceptually or theoretically

>Sun’s gravity is strong enough to keep all planets including Pluto in orbit and comets on an exactly repeating cycles..
>..yet it’s too weak to even tug at the moon a little bit to pull it out of earth’s perfectly cyclical orbit even slightly enough so that it would be at all noticeable.

Just as nonsensical as earth’s gravity being strong enough to hold the moon in perfectly cyclical orbit with perfectly repeating eclipse cycles every 18 years, yet too weak to prevent a butterfly from overcoming all of the gravity generated by an entire planet with a single flap of its little wings. It’s just stupid and only held up by bs abstract equations that don’t describe reality.

We can manipulate the electrostatics of an object to make it float or sink. When we manipulate an independent variable to prove the cause, that’s called science. Claiming that the downward accelerative force is caused by electrostatics is testable. We cannot however manipulate gravity bc it is literally impossible to manipulate the bending and warping of space-time to see if it is actually the cause of the downward accelerative force. Those claiming gravity to be the cause of the downward accelerative force are using pseudoscience BY DEFINITION since gravity cannot be manipulated and therefore cannot be scientifically proven as the cause of any earthly phenomenon

you can hear in the video above former MIT physics professor Walter Lewin state quite clearly that the behavior of matter on earth is dictated mainly by electrostatic forces, while, apparently gravity only kicks in as a force on large planetary scale.

Gravity is ONLY required to explain large scale movement of planets and celestial bodies in the nonsensical heliocentric model. and it cant even do that either considering
>muh dark matter
And again, even Newton himself said that only an incompetent man could believe such a thing

The current theory of gravity says
>matter bends time
Again, time is a concept and you cannot attribute physical properties to concepts. This is as nonsensical as claiming
>moisture bends freedom
I honestly believe the only way people have been convinced of something so ridiculously stupid is bc they are under a literal spell. Witsit does a good job of explaining it (Timestamped at 17:14):
Spells Cast Everywhere (by Witsit Gets It)

Watch How Flat Earthers Predict Eclipses by @shanestpierre (Space Audits Upload)

Sun & Moon Angles 4.0 Selenelions

Eclipse shadow contradiction problem

Eclipses disprove the Heliocentric/ Globe earth model Playlist of 39 videos (DITRH Playlist)

a spherical object never casts a perfectly round shadow that moves across the surface of another spherical object the way we see the alleged shadow of earth move across the moon during a lunar eclipse.

There is a similar issue with the “Umbra and Penumbra” explanation as to why the shadow cast by the moon onto earth is so small… Why dont we see the same umbra/penumbra with the Lunar eclipse and Earth’s shadow? Anyone can easily see for themselves, using a flashlight and two balls, that shadows don’t work the way the heliocentric/globular earth model claims they do.

The heliocentric/globular earth models’ explanation for eclipses is in direct opposition to empirical testable evidence of how shadows work. The burden of proof is on them to provide empirical evidence of their claim. Not only do round objects provably not cast round shadows onto spherical surfaces, but also, shadows don’t get smaller and more defined with increased distance. AND Selenelion eclipses are geometrically impossible as well. The current model’s explanation for eclipses is physically impossible, so anyone claiming something in opposition to ALL empirical evidence, has the burden of proof on them to substantiate that claim.

The trickery that’s been done with the timezones proves the globe maps are wrong, and much greater distances have been concealed using a greater number of time zones in the southern regions of earth as compared to the Northern regions:

Schooling Globers – Episode 11 – Time Zones (by Witsit Gets It)

How Time Zones Hide the Flat Earth by Hervé Riboni (Taboo Conspiracy upload)

More evidence of concealment of much greater distances in the southern regions:

HIS PRONOUNCEMENT by R.G.S. Collamore | Globe Earth Refuted Roundly (by jeranism)

There’s no way possible for the upper layers of the atmosphere be spinning FASTER than the lower layers. That would be a violation of the law of conservation of energy and the law of the conservation of momentum. The spinning globe model is debunked by this simple fact. these videos are a good place to start on this:

Flat Earth Fact #15 – Felix Baumgartner’s Indisputable Flat Earth Proof

Flat Earth Fact #10 – Felix Baumgartner Proved the Earth is Stationary

Firstly, Foucault pendulums are pseudoscience by definition. But regardless, Einstein specifically said Foucault pendulums didn’t prove earth rotation because of Mach’s principle so, if you subscribe to the unsubstantiated dogma of heliocentrism, even in your own paradigm Foucault pendulums don’t prove rotation.

Moises Alvarez’s Quora Page addressing Foucault pendulums and other alleged proofs of earth rotation

Foucault’s Pendulum – DITRH Playlist

Christmas Fables: Foucault Pendulums at the South Pole with @jeranism (Space Audits upload)

***DISCLAIMER*** (PLEASE NOTE: these are not my opinions / FE proofs, but the opinions and FE proofs of others within the FE community. Although I do agree with most of the content in the below linked pastebin, i must emphasize that I do not agree with ALL of the assertions made in all of the videos in this pastebin):

For those reading who are still unaware – The world is owned and controlled by a small handful of literal satanists, eugenicists, and psychopaths. They want to bring suffering, misery and death upon humanity. Above all else, they want your soul. They will do anything and everything in their power to convince you to become materialistic and nihilistic so that you become easy to control and manipulate (that’s the primary objective of the heliocentric model). The more you are convinced that there is no metaphysical nature to reality, the easier it is for them to convince you to sin and commit atrocities for them. For those who are unaware of this fact and new to learning about how this world actually works, start here:

How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World

Who Is Bill Gates? (Full Documentary, 2020)

The Best of The Corbett Report


Google and YouTube have openly stated in congressional hearings that they are censoring flat earth info on their platforms:


How YouTube Censors Flat Earth Videos

YouTube’s Latest Censorship Method

YouTube’s Censorship Exposed

you can see that youtube is shadowbanning legitimate FE videos for yourself. For example, this video by ODD TV is called “A Stranger’s Guide to Flat Earth | 21 Questions and Answers (Proving The Earth Is Flat)”:

A Stranger’s Guide to Flat Earth 21 Questions and Answers Proving The Earth Is Flat

This is a very popular video in the flat earth community and it WAS one of the most viewed and recommended flat earth videos on youtube. However, the original video was removed from YouTube due to “hate speech”. Here’s the original link:
[This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on hate speech. Learn more about combating hate speech in your country.]

but even when the video was still up, if you had tried to search for it by its full video name and uploader, you still would not have been able to find it. Now, if you search for it (or any flat earth video for that matter), you will only get anti-flat earth videos and videos claiming to have “debunked” flat earth as results. See for yourself:

You will see this is consistently the case when you search for the vast majority, if not all, of the videos linked to in this pastebin.

(((They))) are hiding this information and Youtube is blatantly censoring legit flat earth info. If flat earth were an obviously incorrect theory, or a psyop, etc. why would it be so heavily censored? Most flat earth channels have been demonetized, censored and/or taken down completely. All legit flat earth channels are shadowbanned by Google’s, YouTube’s and virtually every mainstream platforms’ algorithms.

It is clear as day that the real psyop is the blatant shill videos that actually come up when you search “flat earth” in google or youtube.

Now ask yourself, if flat earth really were just some luny, fringe, wacky conspiracy theory with no basis in reality, why is so much effort invested into censorship of it…? Maybe it’s because flat earth exposes the corrupted satanic system for what it actually is, and shows indisputable proof of The Creator. The truth about this world, and the lies that have been created to hide that truth from us, is the ultimate redpill; the Flat Earth revelation also kills all other psyops being propagated by the control system responsible for the worldwide oppression of the entire human race. Time to wake up.

Marconi disproves the globe using radio waves:
>guy named Marconi
>sent longest radio transmission ever for his time
>over 2,200 miles
>everyone tells him he can’t possibly do it
>”earth is curved, no way you can send radio waves even further than 200 miles!”
>”surely earth’s curve will block them!”
>Marconi ignores globe zealots
>uses line of sight
>Marconi hits his target on first attempt 2,200 miles away.
>should be impossible on a ball earth
>Marconi then proceeds to send a radio transmissions 10,000 miles horizontally using line of sight to hit his target directly in front of him 10,000 miles away assuming a level plane beneath him
>should be IMPOSSIBLE on a ball earth
>would be IMPOSSIBLE on a ball earth
>heliocentric church of scientism needs a cope
>heliocentrists proceed to theorize ionosphere that reflects radio waves perfectly to land in the exact spot on the globe where it would make it “seem” as if the earth is a perfectly level plane
>”it just seems like it’s a level plane guyz!!”
>”no really really trust us, it’s a globe GUYZ!! but everything just SEEMS like earth is flat and stationary and non rotating GUYZ!!!”

The reason why radio transmissions can be sent and recieved 10,000 miles in distance is the same reason why submarines have never used earth’s curvature to hide from enemy sonar during war.. bc earth’s curvature doesn’t exist. it’s why military gunners don’t factor in curvature, rotation, coriolis, or any other made up heliocentric nonsense in their technology. Because when things actually need to work in real life (like in wartime situations) you need technology that actually works correctly or people die and things breaks down.

Humpback whale calls as well as sonar (submarines have NEVER used acoustic shadow caused by earth curvature to hide from enemy sonar in wartime) as well as radio waves all prove earth to be a flat plane. Take 6 minutes out of your day to educate yourself on these subjects:

Humpback Whales Prove Our Flat Earth

Rainbows and sun-dogs are very strong evidence of the personal atmospheric dome (azimuthal grid of vision). Ever try to make a curved rainbow indoors without a curved prism? its impossible. the reason all rainbows made outside are curved is bc each of us is surrounded by a personal atmospheric dome. “Personal” bc it’s subjected to your personal experience. “Atmospheric” bc you are surrounded by an atmosphere that light must go thru before it reaches your eyes. “Dome” because you can only see in a dome shaped limit since the limit of your vision forms a sphere around you in all direction with the ground cutting off the bottom making it dome shaped.

it is an objective fact that everyone views the world through an atmospheric dome. this is not even debatable. if you are on earth, you are looking through an atmospheric dome that is personal to your position.

Although the authors of the below videos may have mistaken the effects of the atmospheric dome (azimuthal grid of vision) that we see the world through, for the caustic domed firmament, the idea is still very similar:
(timestamped at 44:16):
On the Mechanics of Rainbows

Sprites and Elves, on the other hand, are very strong evidence of a gaussian surface above us (ie: the firmament):
(timestamped at 11:01)
Sprites and Elves are Proof of the Firmament 

The thing about Flat Earth is that anyone can use the SCIENTIFIC METHOD to prove that earth is flat and motionless simply by performing some very basic experiments themselves, or by performing carefully measured observations (ie: curvature tests). The main reason why most intelligent people haven’t yet noticed that earth is flat, and space is obviously fake, is bc of censorship of anyone speaking out against the mainstream scientific consensus (ie: Youtube and Google are hiding legit flat earth info with their algorithms). Also, “The Flat Earth Society” is a Masonic disinfo campaign which makes a mockery of flat earth and further deters researchers from taking it seriously.

There literally isnt a single falsification of flat earth cosmology, where on the other hand, there are countless falsifications of the globe and the heliocentric model in it’s entirety. The main reason people beLIEve in the current globe religion is bc of appeal to authority and appeal to majority fallacies.

Flat, motionless and enclosed is the only honest position to take when describing earth.

“flat” is not a shape its a description of a surface. there is no measurable convexity to earth’s surface. everywhere we perform curvature test, it is flat therefore the only honest description of the surface is flat.

every attempt to measure motion has failed. we do not feel ourselves moving, and we see all the celestial bodies move around us therefor the only honest position to take is that earth is motionless

the natural antecedent to gas pressure is physical containment. since gas pressure requires a container and since it would be a direct violation of the 2nd law of thermodynamics to have the pressurized atmosphere existing without a container, that is one logical proof of the existence of a container ie domed firmament.

there is also a measurable equipotential increase of 100 volts per meter as you increase altitude from the surface of earth which correlates with the decreasing pressure gradient. as the resting potential increases, the pressure decreases. The ONLY way to get a measurable increase resting charge potential of 100 volts per meter is if there is a Gaussian surface above us as well. You cannot produce one single example of an equincreasing electric potential without the use of 2 Gaussian surfaces. This is yet another proof of the existence of the firmament.

Also, Falsification is independent of replacement. Objectively, the globe model has been falsified regardless of whether you think standard flat earth cosmology is accurate

>we can see too far
>dark matter
>3 body problem
>water sticking to the to the outside of a ball
>pressurized atmosphere adjacent to a vacuum without a container
>gas forming balls in a vacuum rather than dispersing

Objectively speaking, falsification is independent of replacement. The globe model is an unsubstantiated claim of specificity. Flat is just a description of the earth as we observe it. The claim of specificity required for the globe model to be accurate (radius of 3959 miles) has been thoroughly falsified by black swan images and video showing there is no observable geometric horizon necessitated by a ball earth. Therefore the heliocentric model is not a viable model of our reality. Measurements and observations such as attempts to measure curvature and/or rotation have definitively proven that the earth is flat and stationary. Curvature has never been measured and motion has literally NEVER been detected.

If I were to make the claim that my rooster crowing is what made the sun come up because the sun appeared to rise every morning after my rooster crowed, then that would be a theory that would require further investigation. If one morning, the rooster failed to crow, and the sun still came up, we could say with certainty to at the rooster’s crow was not the cause of the sun rising. It would not matter in the slightest if a new theory for why the sun came up was put forth to explain sunrises – it would not change the fact that we knew for certain that the rooster was not the cause. The globe model in this analogy is the rooster that failed to crow, and the black swan images and long distance observations, as well as many other experiments, show beyond a shadow of a doubt that whatever the explanation is for the phenomenon we observe, it is not, and can never be, the globe model.

It is no mark of good health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick view of reality. a bleak and apathetic outlook is a direct and intended symptom of the nihilism inherent in the worldview they’ve indoctrination you with since birth. the system was designed to make you feel small and insignificant.

Even mainstream science communicators like Bill Nye push the idea that the heliocentric model should make people feel this way:
Bill Nye Indoctrinates the World | Why Flat Earth Matters

(((They))) want you to feel that way. Nihilism is intentionally built into the fake and gay globe earth model. Its quite literally the primary purpose of the heliocentric deception – to hide God, promote nihilism so that the masses focus on materialism, become selfish and easy to control:

> because if you see the creation you can’t deny the creator

They are denying us to see the creation so we can’t see the creator.

therefore accepting, that we are just random and meaningless accidents that happened,
because the absolute nothing spontaneously created the absolute everything in an infinitesimally small spot in the absolute nothing.
Then it exploded into aN ever-expanding space vacuum while hot gases explode into all direction
and against all laws of thermodynamics form spinning objects which burn for bazillion years while its sourrounded with a vaccuum that is close to absolute 0.
And after that some matter formed in the shape of magma balls which accidentally perfectly navigated into the orbits of the gas balls, while creating moons and shit.

And then some ice asteroid smashed into a lavaball, which created water, and then a lightning hit a weird spot on the water, which accidentally created life and through the course of 12 billion years the single lifeform turned into a vast amount of different extremely complex living beings and then monkey happened.
Monkey got high or screwed by an alien and created Humans.
> we are here
> on a 1040mph spinning piece of dirt
> that orbits the sun with 66,600 mph
> which moves with 0.5 million mph through space while dragging all planets perfectly with it
> and while all these motions happen, we have reoccurring celestial events
> like astoried finding us always every 18 years
> and the stars remain on the same position every year for like thousands of years
> while the sun moves 4,380,000,000 miles a year dragging us with it
> so within the last 1000 years
> sun moved 4,380,000,000,000 miles within the universe
> causing a parallax of 0.7 light years
> yet all building oriented on celestial bodies are still perfectly aligned

the satanic (((mainstream))) claims:
>you evolved from pond scum
>you are an evolutionary fluke
>nothing more than a descendant from a mutated mentally challenged fish-frog-monkey baby
>you are just a speck of nothing
>orbiting the sun at 66600 mph
>tilted at 66.6 degrees
>on a ball that curves .666 ft per mile
>hurtling thru vast empty nothingness
>infinite universe, billions of planets,
>you are not special
>you are lost in the infinite empty void of space

When in reality you were specially designed and put here by a creator and your decisions and life have ultimate infinite meaning and purpose. God’s true creation is not random happenstance isolated to a remote meaningless speck of rock in an infinite universe created from nothing. reality is not diluted 99.999999…% by the empty vacuum of space. This is an absolutely nihilistic worldview constructed to make you submissive and to weaken your spirit. (((they))) don’t want capable, spiritually empowered, healthy people who know they have a spark of The Divine within them:

Flat Earth | Digging Deeper (feat. Subtle Infinity) Epic Speech

The current satanic controllers of this world want you to believe you are living on a mote of dust, in an infinite vortex, with no orientation, no up, down, right or wrong. In reality you are literally in “God’s snow globe” playing a game of life and death with eternal consequences, made by a designer. (((They))) want your soul, and the easiest way to get it is to convince you that none of your decisions have meaning. if you believe you are just a cosmic fluke with monkeys for ancestors you become easy to manipulate and control. A nihilistic mentality helps to mold the person into a weak and selfish shell of the divine being they have the potential to be. only a small portion of this reality is material, the real meat and potatoes is the spiritual and metaphysical realm which is why scientism promotes materialism over all else. there are plenty of links in the playlists posted above which will expound on all of this. if you’re just starting down this rabbit hole, it will take some digging and a good deal of time to break through the many layers of indoctrination you’ve been subjected to since before you could even talk. be patient and genuinely seek truth and you will find all of the answers you are looking for, but it will certainly feel disorienting at times. buckle up, its a bumpy road.

Flat earth earth shows you the truth – that you are literally at the center of all creation. Your life and the decisions you make are infinitely meaningful and important. this world was created for (you). The truth is that curvature has never been measured and motion has literally never been detected. All observations and measurements prove a flat, stationary plane of existence.

>what is natural law?
A natural law is an observable law of reality that is self evident, indisputable, binding and immutable.

Mark Passio’s documentary is a great introduction to understanding the most basic and foundational principles of natural Law:

Mark Passio and the Science of Natural Law

What on Earth is Happening – Mark Passio’s website

Nobody has the right to forcefully dictate what anyone else chooses to do, or forcefully impede on anyone else’s freedom of choice (unless a person’s actions are themselves in violation of natural law). Ever. All man-made laws and all authority claimed by man (other than that of a parent and a child) is illegitimate because man-made laws and authority are a violation of natural law. Any man-made law that is in alignment with natural law is, by definition, redundant. Any man-made law that is in opposition to natural law should not be followed by those who abide by natural law, and therefor, is only a hindrance to a properly functioning healthy population. A society’s collective level of freedom/slavery is directly correlated to the people’s ability to aggregately abide by natural law.


>Isn’t Mark Passio is an Anti-flat earther though?:
It is important not to slip into an “all or nothing” approach to determining the validity of information. An “all or nothing fallacy” is one of the most rudimentary logical fallacies. Mark Passio is most certainly correct with regards to his assertions about natural law (aka karmetic consequence, aka the golden rule). However, he is 100% incorrect in the conclusions he’s arrived at regarding the physical attributes of our world, and he shows a complete lack of ability to determine objective cosmology, which is quite ironic considering the amount of time and effort he’s invested in lecturing others on “the trivium method”. Although Mark Passio is clearly intelligent and able to see through the veil on many of the most prevalent psyops currently plaguing our world, unfortunately he still holds belief in the globe religion / Heliocentrism which was built upon the doctrine of man, completely void of any empirical substantiation and completely contradictory to literally ALL observations and empirical evidence (ie: those who believe the globe lie are literally religious individuals, BY DEFINITION). Furthermore, Mark Passio’s arguments against flat earth cosmology are all centered completely around his observations of the sun. There are numerous videos in this pastebin addressing the sun, sky optics and our azimuthal grid of vision, which definitively show that all observations of the sun and motions of the celestial bodies objectively align with the description of earth as an enclosed, stationary, topographical plane of existence. See the above sections in this pastebin relating to these topics for more info on the sun, sky optics and our azimuthal grid of vision.

I can not stress the importance of this enough – There are many Religious flat earthers. I am not one of them and, in my opinion, you should not be either. Religious individuals are as willfully ignorant as globers.

Religion is authority, and any and all authority (other than that of a parent and child) is immoral and illegitimate. Men who seek authority over others are corrupted, by the very definition of natural law.

Those who allow Religious doctrine to dictate their thoughts and actions are simply refusing to question the dogma of an old dusty book written by obviously corrupted men. We were all created with the divine ability to determine good from evil, and right from wrong. No one needs a book or a priest or a scientist to tell them the right way to behave, yet literally billions of people would rather trust the written word of power hungry men than their own internal moral compass.

Jeranism’s iconoclasm series breaks it down pretty nicely for those who are willing to question the dogma they’ve been indoctrinated with:

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And also watch these debates hosted by jeranism between Jeffrey Daugherty vs Nemos about Jesus and the Bible:

DEBATISM Ep 5 | Jeffrey Daugherty vs. Dustin Nemos | Jesus & The Bible – 10/17/23
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