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Email Lists… What are they?

A few people have asked what each of the email lists you can sign up for do.  Well, there are four lists and you can find them below along with what each includes.


This is for notification emails. If you sign-up here you will be notified when I post a video or go live. When I update people on what is new. When I am on another show or moderating a debate. You will receive it all!


General sign-ups can expect an email or two a month maximum. I tend to use it only for important things so as to not bother you much. Most of these emails can also be monthly recaps or reminders.


If you are interested in pre-sale deals or knowing about the upcoming summits, this is the place to sign-up. You can expect an email or two a month.


If you are into my crypto stuff, attend my classes or are a Patron, I would sign-up here so you keep up to date with the crypto world.


Sign-up for a list below if you aren’t sure whether or not you are already signed up

Join the jeranism email list! Monthly you will receive an email packed with a ton of quality info. Unsubscribe at anytime! For list details click here.

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