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About Me


just A guy  with unique opinionS

Welcome to my website. I am an open-minded, observant, libertarian Idealist, conspiracy theorist who hates the Federal Reserve and Big Government. I’m a YouTube Content Creator, Rokfin Creator and a Live Streamer. I’m a Crypto Enthusiast, Coach and Consultant As well as a Streaming and Video Editing Consultant, a Personal Improvement and Relationship Counselor, Debate Moderator and Host of the True Earth Summits. I believe the news tells you lies on behalf of Big Pharma, The Military Industrial Complex and The Scientific Technological Elite. I believe in self government, freedom and privacy for all.

I think we live in a world of lies and as a Father of two children, I see it as a duty to not leave them a world run by tyrants who are no different or better than you or I. I think the power of human consciousness has been suppressed through lies about who you are, why you’re here and where you live. Join me as I expose the deceptions and name the deceivers who care nothing for you or your families well being and have orchestrated a false history to steal from us our opportunity to bring heaven to earth.  I couldn’t do it without the help of The many others who do the same thing that i do and those of you who watch and spread the info and support our work financially.


I won’t stop speaking my mind so stop crying and face reality. Welcome to the real world, the true earth and the actuality of your existence.  Welcome… to jeranism.


The best way to reach me is not this form. You can use this form if you do not have Telegram but if you do, please reach out there for the quickest response.
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